Distributor shafts (16)

Engine pistons (1)

Hydraulics (81)

Pulleys (3)

Rubber goods (110)

Rubber hoses (127)

Suspension springs (4)

Tie rod ends (13)

Прокладки (48)

OEM is a brand specializing in the sale of auto parts for various car brands, including VAZ, ZAZ, Chevrolet, Daewoo. The OEM product catalog includes more than 10 product groups and over 2000 SKUs. In this catalog, you can find parts for different car systems, such as suspension, braking system, engine components, suspension, rubber hoses, and rubber-metal products.

OEM aims to maintain high standards of quality and reliability. All partner manufacturers undergo verification for compliance with international standards and requirements of automotive corporations. The OEM brand is positioned as an alternative to premium original products for the Ukrainian after-sales automotive market.

OEM auto components are exclusively high-quality products. The original quality of the parts is achieved through unique engineering solutions, careful selection of materials and components, quality control at all stages of production, and testing in advanced laboratories.

The OEM brand actively updates its assortment, offering new products and lines to meet the needs of most car owners. This means that customers can find the necessary parts for their cars, keeping them in excellent technical condition.

Currently, the OEM brand catalog includes: distributor shafts, pulleys and gears, engine pistons, suspension springs; tie rod ends and tie rods; hydraulic components, rubber hoses, and rubber-metal products.

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