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About  logo OEM

OEM is a Polish brand of high-quality premium automotive parts. The main focus of the OEM brand is parts for LADA family cars and “budget” foreign cars.

Under the OEM brand, the following are represented:

  • Engine components: camshafts, pulleys, engine pistons.
  • Suspension parts: suspension springs.
  • Steering system components: steering tie rod ends.
  • Brake system parts: hydraulic components.
  • Rubber hoses and rubber-metal products.

OEM products are exclusively high-quality automotive parts for the after-market. The quality of the products is achieved through the use of unique engineering solutions, reliable materials, and modern technologies. The design of all OEM brand parts strictly adheres to the original part using progressive technologies and materials in the automotive industry.

All OEM brand products are manufactured in modern factories that supply leading car manufacturers’ assembly lines. The production facilities are located in Europe, Korea, and China. The factories producing auto components under the OEM brand have international quality certificates ISO/TS, DF 100Q.

The innovative activity of the OEM brand consists of collaborative work with the technical departments of the manufacturing plants, with the aim of establishing a more efficient relationship with car owners and optimizing the functionality of auto components.

Constantly striving for development, the OEM brand’s main goal is to satisfy consumer demands and combines an understanding of cutting-edge technologies with years of experience and trust. Automotive parts and components for VAZ passenger cars and “popular” foreign cars under the OEM brand quickly gained the trust of Ukrainian buyers due to the constant expansion of the assortment, premium quality, and competitive pricing.